For Dogs

As a dog you can expect to have lots of space to run around in the garden, it's all enclosed so your guardians won't escape. Laps around the bungalow are always fun but, if you can't swim, be careful of the pond in the corner.

You will have treats and water to rehydrate yourself after your journey, it's always good to lap that up before a good run too. Just in case you decide to jump in the pond and have a paddle, we provide you with a towel to dry off that excess after you've had a good shake down and covered everyone else with your own drying mechanism.

There so many places to have a good sniff around and you might even make new friends if there are any other doggie guests, and we love meeting you and giving you a stroke too.

Your guardians usually bring your own meals as they know what you like but they’re usually pretty generous with their cooked breakfast in the morning with either sausage or bacon coming your way.

You even have your own facilities, once you been and relieved yourself in the garden, there’s a red container for your guardians to place your little deposits.

Whitstable’s great for you too as there are several restaurant which are dog friendly, so if you wanted to accompany your guardians to dinner and watch over them, or fall asleep under the table you can, we suggest our local pub/restaurant, The Monument on Church Street, Elliotts (sometimes known as No.1 Harbour Street), Birdies on Harbour Street and The Marine Hotel on Tankerton Slopes and if you fancy a drink after that then most of the pubs in Whitstable well serve you.

You won’t want to leave!